If I want to take a break how can I quickly remove an available time slot?

Start off by making sure you are logged in to your calendar so that you have “User” access to your calendar. You cannot use this method of quickly removing a time slot if you are not logged in.

STEP 1: Select the blank time slot you wish to make unaviable by clicking on it as if you were going to make a booking.

STEP 2: This will display the booking window. Simply click the “Make Unavailable” button in the bottom of the box.


A pop-up box will double check that you wish to make this time slot available. Click ok to confirm.



Once back to you calendar you will be able to see the cleared time slot. Blocking out time slots by booking in a phony appointment (with N/A in the below example) is not a reliable method of making a time unavailable. Although public cleints cannot book those slots, it is still possible for users to “edit” the booking if they aren’t sure what N/A means or mistake it for being available. The above method is quicker, easier, and safer.

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