How do I (and/or my users) get notified that a booking has been made?

Start off by making sure you are logged in to your calendar so that you have access to your settings.

Step 1: Click on the cog wheel in the top right corner of your screen which will bring you to your calendar settings.

Step 2: Click on “Users” in the left column on the settings screen. This will display your current active users and inactive users (inactive users are shaded red and crossed off).

Step 3: In the far right column of the table, click the “edit” icon for the user that you wish to send booking notifications to. This will display the “Edit User” window.


Step 4: Click the drop down menu “Notify practitioner of booking with”.

Step 5: From the drop down menu select which method you wish to use to notify your user of a booking.

SMS is recommended as users are more likely to view an SMS faster than an email. SMS also does not rely on the user actively checking their email to notify them of a booking and is therefore a more reliable notification method. 


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