Can I quickly send an SMS to a client when I’m running late or for any other reason?

You can quickly and easily send a message to any client with an existing booking from your calendar.

Start off by making sure you are logged in to your calendar so that you have “User” access to your calendar. You cannot use this method of quickly sending an SMS if you are not logged in.

STEP 1: Select the client that you wish to send a message to by clicking on their name. This will display the booking window.

STEP 2:  Click on the “Send SMS” button to the right of the clients mobile phone number. 


STEP 3: A text box will be displayed where you can enter your message. Remember a single message has a limit of 160 characters.


A pop-up box will confirm that the SMS has been succesfully sent.



Exit the Booking pop up box by clicking on the small cross in the far right corner.

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